I generally believe that precaution is better so prefer to use antivirus/antimalware also on Linux. Although many people will disagree and I am sure for good reasons….

General description is here https://www.upcloud.com/support/scanning-ubuntu-14-04-server-for-malware/

  • install:
    sudo apt-get install clamav clamav-daemon
  • update virus db:
    sudo freshclam
    • note: if you get an error about locked freshclam.log file, you need to kill freshclam command which was started during installation

      ps -ef|grep clam

      – take pid and do

      sudo kill -9 pid


  • check:
    sudo clamscan -r /

    – takes ages

  • for checks in your home directory or from GUI it is better to use clamTK – gui for clam – install it from Ubuntu software center
    • note: buttons in clamTK gui react very strangely on double click – so try different speed of double clicks 🙂