• Bonding is basically combining of more network interfaces to get better connection.
  • Important is if network switch supports 802.3ad
    • if yes -> bonding mode 4 = 802.3ad
    • if NO -> bonding mode 6 = balanced (adaptive based on load) + fault tolerance – but network card must support MAC address changing
  • requires package “ifenslave”
  • I must check /etc/modules – what modules are loaded during kernel boot – “bonding” must be included
  • /etc/network/interfaces – network card must be set as slaves:
    # add into file:
    auto eth0
    iface eth0 inet manual
    bond-master bond0
    auto eth1
    iface eth1 inet manual
    bond-master bond0
    # existing primary interface would be bond0
    auto bond0
    iface bond0 inet static
    # + specify typ of bond
    bond-mode 6
    bond-miimon 100  #monitoring in ms
    bond-slaves none  #slaves are not claimed by master they connect for themselfs

Machine should be rebooted to be sure about changes.