Useful links:

  1. yum commands


  • check if updates are available: yum check-update
  • update packages: su -c 'yum update'
    (does not force remove of old packages)
  • yum upgrade
    (forces removal of old packages – can be dangerous)
    the same like: yum update --obsoletes
  • install package: yum install packagename
  • install package using local file: yum localinstall packagename
  • check last yum updates: cat /var/log/yum.log | grep Updated: | tail -5
  • clean downloaded packages:
    • clean cached packages: yum clean packages
    • clean headers: yum clean headers
    • clean all: yum clean all
  • if yum update will not finish properly you can try: yum-complete-transaction –cleanup-only
    + yum history redo last