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batch search-replace in utf8 / utf16 files under L

By: admin |
November 27 2017 16:15

If utf8 / utf16 is not your standard coding in Linux (which usually is not) then commands like “sed” will not work properly. On the […]

Bash script to kill processes with given name

By: admin |
July 24 2017 15:24

Following scripts can be both very useful and very very dangerous. Therefore use them wisely… Very simple in-line version: Bigger script – does not kill […]

Ubuntu – very simple “update all”

By: admin |
April 10 2017 10:43

Updates linux, google SDK and all git repos

Ubuntu – check if machine requires reboot

By: admin |
May 19 2016 16:06

find files modifies since start of yesterday

By: admin |
April 26 2016 16:03

rsync over multiple folders

By: admin |
March 29 2016 13:56

rsync folders with files over multiple users home folders: rsync only directory structure:  

Monitor average load on system

By: admin |
January 14 2016 14:23

Here is a very simple script which can help you to monitor average load on Linux system. Shows immediate value, max, min and average over […]

Menu with most commonly used commands

By: admin |
October 7 2015 15:46

If you do repeatedly some tests or other stuff which requires to use still the same commands but you cannot create some script because of […]