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Install VMware VMplayer on Ubuntu 16

By: admin |
June 26 2018 14:04

Download VMPlayer installation file for Linux (32bits or 64bits) most likely you will get “.bundle” file – see how to run install from bundle file […]

iptables – small notes

By: admin |
November 30 2017 9:33

list existing rules: “sudo iptables -S” list rules as table: “sudo iptables -L” clear counters for rules: “sudo iptables -Z” block specific IP: “sudo iptables […]

KVM virtual machine – shared clipboard betwe

By: admin |
August 14 2017 12:33

Source: install spice-vdagent on VM: sudo apt install spice-vdagent

TERM variable

By: admin |
December 20 2016 9:33

Sometimes when working in terminal command line you get error message like “variable TERM not set” and some commands refuse to work. Lately I had […]

sshguard – problems with sftp connection

By: admin |
November 16 2016 16:01

This is one hint out of bad experience. If you or clients cannot connect using ftp to some port and get “Connection refused” error and […]

awk useful small scripts and hints

By: admin |
November 3 2016 15:56

find  line in file based on position in file (useful for example to check errors in json file based on error message from Bigquery 🙂 […]

users and groups

By: admin |
November 2 2016 16:22

Groups create new group: Users add existing user into group: remove user from group: show groups user belongs into: show all users belonging into some […]

Find files based on time criteria

By: admin |
October 31 2016 15:29

Find files OLDER than x days: x=number of days Find oldest file: Find files modified in some specific day: Find only files – exclude directories:

Ubuntu/Debian – antivirus/antimalware ?

By: admin |
October 21 2016 9:50

I generally believe that precaution is better so prefer to use antivirus/antimalware also on Linux. Although many people will disagree and I am sure for […]

Services, daemons, processes

By: admin |
October 14 2016 9:53

Debian status of all services: Ubuntu CentOS common commands Try to “restart” process: show processes in tree: