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Ubuntu/ Debian – basic administration comman

By: admin |
July 6 2017 11:02

Here is some small useful list of basic commands you can need daily for administration of Ubuntu/ Debian: update repo info: sudo apt-get update upgrade […]

Ubuntu – very simple “update all”

By: admin |
April 10 2017 10:43

Updates linux, google SDK and all git repos

Ubuntu/Debian – antivirus/antimalware ?

By: admin |
October 21 2016 9:50

I generally believe that precaution is better so prefer to use antivirus/antimalware also on Linux. Although many people will disagree and I am sure for […]

Ubuntu 16 – USB keyboard is not working afte

By: admin |
October 17 2016 8:44

Solution is generally described here: If you cannot use USB keyboard after boot you must boot into older kernel on startup – either using […]