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Ubuntu 16 – USB keyboard is not working afte

By: admin |
October 17 2016 8:44

Solution is generally described here: If you cannot use USB keyboard after boot you must boot into older kernel on startup – either using […]

Ubuntu 16 – booting manually from GRUB promp

By: admin |
October 17 2016 8:20

The best description for it is here: I just want to add some notes to it with Ubuntu 16: if you made standard installation […]

Ubuntu – maybe you should be afraid of autom

By: admin |
July 13 2016 8:03

If you run automated security updates on Ubuntu then you should know there is following gotcha with grub update: When our instance automatically updated these […]


Ubuntu – “The system is running in low

By: admin |
March 15 2016 14:08

I have got a really nice looking error on Ubuntu – “The system is running in low-graphics mode”. And none of proposed actions worked. I […]

troubleshooting linux with dmesg

By: admin |
January 26 2016 15:20

Commands “dmesg” reads kernel messages and it is extremely usefull when you need to troubleshoot problems. dmesg | grep -i usb   — shows all messages […]

Many ways how to destroy Linux

By: admin |
January 22 2016 8:58

To work with something it is also good to know its weaknesses. So here are some commands which can destroy Linux: deletes everything: rm -rf […]

Fixing grub installation

By: admin |
January 22 2016 8:48

If grub is damaged then system cannot boot at all. 2 wais to fix it: boot live CD with boot-repair program boot live CD and […]

Ubuntu recovery tools

By: admin |
January 22 2016 8:41

Using recovery mode: hold shift key during startup – you will get GRUB startup menu in GRUB menu select “Ubuntu … recovery mode” if not […]