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Adjust limits for allowed opened files on Ubuntu /

By: admin |
August 4 2017 11:01

[in progress… just small notes] Based on: Steps to success 🙂 every setting has its soft and hard limit check all soft limits using: […]

Create swap file

By: admin |
April 13 2016 10:56

If you run Linux on some cloud service you very likely have this instance without swap partition. Because this is the standard setting used on […]

Install CentOS 7 with btrfs file system

By: admin |
January 20 2016 13:54

Installation: in installation summary go to the “System – installation destination” in “other storage Options” check “I will configure partitioning” click “Done” on the top […]

Ubuntu – bonding of network inerfaces

By: admin |
November 26 2015 13:15

Bonding is basically combining of more network interfaces to get better connection. Important is if network switch supports 802.3ad if yes -> bonding mode 4 […]

Ubuntu – static network configuration

By: admin |
November 26 2015 13:00

on desktop we use network manager in menu on server we must use config files: /etc/network/interfaces – config of primary network interface, loopback etc. default: […]

Ubuntu – apt – basics

By: admin |
November 26 2015 12:20

apt-get moo apt-get install xxxxx apt-get remove xxxxx apt-get purge xxxxx apt-get update updates repo infos, does not updates any package apt-get upgrade upgrades already […]

Some usefull programs to add to installed Linux

By: admin |
November 26 2015 12:04

Some usefull stuff: vim, nano openssh server screen sysstat (iostat) iotop some another: postfix – sends email notifications in case of problems

Ubuntu installation – some basics

By: admin |
November 26 2015 9:57

Installation methods: CD/ DVD from downloaded ISO image USB (needs first Ubuntu machine to create bootable USB medium or Windows computer + ISO image Ubuntu […]

RAID, LVM – some basic notes

By: admin |
November 26 2015 9:43

RAID – (Redundand Array of Independent Disks) – needs all disks to have same capacity LVM – (Logical Volume Manager) – can use different disks […]

Partitions, directories – basic overview

By: admin |
November 26 2015 9:00

/ – main partition (filesystem) /boot – kernel, ramdisk (nowadays not separate partition anymore – is now just directory under / ) /usr – here […]