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Ubuntu – install Oracle Java

By: admin |
January 20 2016 9:14

Just to have it all in “one basket”: Installation using repository: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:webupd8team/java sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer you will have to […]

htop monitoring command

By: admin |
January 19 2016 17:05

Overview: Command htop is based on top command but contains additional columns. Semigraphs usually don’t work in propper scale therefore it is more useful to […]

nmon system monitoring (Ubuntu)

By: admin |
January 14 2016 14:49

This very nice utility is without problems available on Ubuntu. On some CentOS versions you need to type some more magic words to install it. […]

Network monitoring utilities

By: admin |
January 14 2016 14:40

These commands must run usually as root or under sudo. ┬ánetstat netstat -antupwe shows incoming and outgoing IPs ┬áiftop shows in real time communication between […]

average load on system

By: admin |
January 14 2016 12:38

Overview: Command top shows in the very first line also so called “average load”. These values are taken from the file /proc/loadavg Typical content looks […]

top command explanation

By: admin |
January 14 2016 11:00

Overview: Command “top” is one of the basic commands used for Linux system / performance monitoring. It tells us many interesting things but we need […]

IP address in local network

By: admin |
November 6 2015 10:16

Although things are not so easy because machine can have more network adapters and therefore multiple “inet addresses”. But usualy we need to find address […]


By: admin |
November 6 2015 9:22

Size of directory: current directory in total: shows whole size of files in directory and subdirectories details about subdirectories: shows details about subdirectories top N […]

Disks / filesystems

By: admin |
November 3 2015 12:51

Most basic commands to check disks / filesystems: df / df -h = shows usage of filesystems (with -h in “human readable form”)

HW info in /proc files

By: admin |
November 3 2015 12:39

Based on my experiences this is the most reliable way how to find HW info on Linux machine. There are many good commands which can […]